4 Things Christians Should Stop Doing

The Non-Alchemist

Have you ever had a really agitating song stuck in your head? How about having a splinter that you can’t quite get out, or stubbing your toe more than once in a single day? The frustration felt during these instances is analogous to the exasperation I sometimes feel when I hear certain Christians make the same tired (and bad) points over and over again. In this post I would like to point out what some of those are, and hopefully be able to explain why I think that believers should stop relying on these talking points. I don’t necessarily expect to convince many staunch fundamentalists, but a good blogger leaves the ninety-nine to look for the one, right?

First, there is this tendency among some Christians not to trust experts in many relevant fields. Instead of doing that, they often defer to their own novice ideations and/or the views of…

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