Epistemic notions: Foundational dogmatism and Cartesian skepticism


0. Introduction

The issue of what we can hope to know and how is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – questions in all of philosophy. It is also arguably the most important one – not least because it provides the underpinning for everything else. So I shall describe a couple major ideological schools on this question.

  1. Overview

There are a couple of major schools of thought on this notion which attempt to address the question of “Can we lay claims to knowledge of anything philosophically important?” and expsecally “Is the world, more or less, as we ordinarily take it to be?”. My goal is to lay these out in a simplified manner in this article.

Most of us claim to know a number of things as real for various reasons. Some philosophers, however, propose cases where virtually all such things could be wrong.

Generally speaking, we…

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