Is Yahweh A Perfect Being?

The Non-Alchemist

Playing the role of an atheist in a devil’s advocate debate, Randal Rauser made an argument that even if theism is true, Yahweh can’t be God. Though he focused specifically on punishment, it was essentially an argument from moral perception to the conclusion that a perfect being could never possess the attributes that Yahweh is depicted as possessing. I’ve written about moral issues in the Bible before, so I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on this (using the same underlying logic and making similar points of course). However, I will choose to be more specific in what I’m criticizing here since there are ways around his initial framing of the argument [1]. So here’s my version:

  1. If God exists, he is perfectly good
  2. The deity worshiped by conservative Christians is not perfectly good [2]
  3. Therefore, the deity worshiped by conservative Christians is not God


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6 thoughts on “Is Yahweh A Perfect Being?

  1. Let us not allow religion or the writings, interpretations, words, or actions of religionists, or anything or anyone else, to deter us from seeking God, the highest good, love – in ourselves and each other. We tend to find what we believe we will find.

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