“You Don’t Understand Christianity”

The Truth Seeking Atheist

I’ve been in conversations with “sophisticated” theologians, where I’m often told that I have a poor understanding of Christianity, and that my criticisms aren’t valid. That if I just understood the ideas, and read better apologists, I would get it right. Frankly, the idea that we need a sophisticated understanding of Christianity in order to criticize it, but be completely ignorant in order to accept it, seems absurd to me.

Can somebody please explain to me how a supposedly omnipotent, omniscient, creator of everything has such a complex message that it cannot be understood clearly by everyone? If we’re talking about the most important message for humanity that cannot be clearly understood and accepted by everyone, this doesn’t speak well towards the idea that God is behind it. The message of Christianity appears very much to be the product of trying to retcon (and work within the confines of) the…

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