It’s A Miracle! … Or Is It?

The Non-Alchemist

If you’ve been paying attention to Kenneth Copeland’s shenanigans lately, you’ll likely know that he has executed judgement on Covid-19. “It is finished, It is over” he thunderously declared. The spirit life (whatever that means) of Covid-19 died “at exactly 12 noon, on the 29th day of March” [1]. Uhuh, and I saw Jesus Christ in my toast this morning. Unfortunately for the human race, Copeland’s specific brand of supernaturalism isn’t as unique as we might hope.  Of course, there are an uncountable number of religious people who don’t engage in tomfoolery like this, but who nevertheless base their entire lives on a core collection of miraculous claims. Is this wise? They sure seem to think so. Well, whatever your beliefs happen to be, my aim in this post is to give several reasons why everyone should have a strong skepticism towards all miracle claims [2].

Right off the bat…

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