Note to readers

This is a quick note to my readers about where I am at and what I’m doing.

This blog, of course, has been about religion and philosophy over the last few months.

I have put off blogging somewhat for a while for various reasons. I plan to restart maybe in a few days or couple weeks, depending on my time availability and energy level (and topics of choice and information on such).

Some potential topics include:

• Skepticism

• Relativism

• The possibility of an infinite past

• The coherence of classical theism, especially omnipotence and omniscience

• Biblical morality

• Whether the term “God” is even meaningful

• The epistemic regress problem and the debate about foundationalism

• Design arguments such as the fine-tuning argument

I plan to soon hopefully start a second personal blog where I discuss other topics (like maybe politics and science and others) and maybe also a YouTube channel.

Eventually I hope to write a few books, such as a compilation of essays about these things, a novel about my personal life and some strange and disturbing things that have happened to my family over the past several years, and maybe a book defending skepticism and one about my epistemic philosophical views.

I plan to remain anonymous at least for the time being for privacy reasons but for now you can call me Henry James Anderson, a young guy living near the east coast of the United States.

Happy Holidays (to anyone who celebrates them).




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