Smoke and Mirrors: The Tactics of Presuppositionalist Keyboard Warriors

The Non-Alchemist

Have you ever had a strong desire to bang your head against a wall?  Do you like talking to people who have a fetish for attempting to dominate others in conversation?  Well, have I got some news for you.  These desires can be met, and more!  All you have to do is  try to engage a presuppositionalist on the internet!  To be fair, not all presups are as obnoxious as some of the knuckle-dragging examples online might have you believe.  The ones who actually participate in academia are much more nuanced, and generally seem to be likable people (James N Anderson of RTS is one example).  But this is unfortunately not true of many others.  Philosopher Alex Malpass explains:

The best representatives of the presuppositional apologetic are trying to illicit a ‘Copernican’ shift in the way that the worldview is argued for. The worst representatives are not trying to…

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