On Biblical Violence

The Non-Alchemist

What Would it Take?

Deanna Laney was the mother of three children: an 8-year-old, a 6-year-old, and a 15-month-old.  She murdered both of the oldest and permanently impaired the youngest by beating them over the head repeatedly with a rock because she “believed that God had told her the world was going to end and ‘she had to get her house in order’, which included killing her children”.  Regarding the two that were murdered, the last thing they “ever saw on this earth was their mama holding a rock over her head…and the last thing they felt was that rock crashing down on them”.  Her belief that she had received the word of God and “that the word of God was infallible” was clearly what motivated her actions in whatever state of mind she was in [1].  But this begs an interesting question – what would it take for you…

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One thought on “On Biblical Violence

  1. “Hopefully this dilemma has illustrated the tension of holding to a biblicist epistemology and what that would mean for ethics. After all, if rape was depicted as a command of Yahweh in the bible, a biblicist would be required to defend it as not inherently immoral in the same way they defend slaughtering children [10]”

    I’m really not sure what he means by a “biblicist epistemology.” But I think there are many hurdles and gaps to take a person who as far as we can see was out of their mind and say well this says we should not follow the bible.

    How can we avoid becoming delusional and believing we should do horrible things? Religion or no this is hard to answer. Right now I think I am typing on a computer. But if I was delusional who knows maybe I think I am typing on a computer but really I am murdering babies. How a delusional person tell they are delusional?

    If we know what we know now should you kill Hitler as a baby? I think the Christian answer is no killing babies is wrong for humans. For the utilitarian it seems less clear.

    He handles the issues in a sort of ham-fisted and it is afar from clear how any of this should be an issue for Christians.


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