Stop saying that it’s ‘obvious’ that God exists

Philosophy of Religion blog

One of the problems with claiming that something is obviously true is that it’s basically a non-starter. That is, just because you saying something is just obviously the case, that does not mean that it really is.

But what is the claim being made? Saying that something is obvious must mean that it is obvious to someone. Well, if it seems obvious to you that God exists, then good for you (I guess). But when you then tell someone that this is the case, from a non-theist’s perspective, this is like telling them that it’s obvious that aliens exist (or that it’s obvious that Obama is still President). Just think what it would be like if someone came up to you and said it’s obvious that Thor exists-just look at the lightening!

Even if God exists, his existence isn’t as obvious as the nose on your face. Thus, I find…

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